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our show begins right now. >> live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> rise and shine. friday, august 12. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad to have you along. to begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. lisa baden in a moment. first, adam caskey? as more good news. two days in a row. >> a good streak for august. low humidity today with comfortable conditions. warming in the afternoon, an average for this time of year. let's take a look of the morning numbers right now. even better than yesterday. especially if you are a runner. 67 in manassas and arlington 64 in laurel, 59 in hagerstown.
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martinsburg, 58. 55 in frederick. 88 for the high temperature today, sunshine with low humidity, gentle breeze out of the north. saturday will be the better day on the weekend. possibly strong storms on sunday. nice to hear that things will be nice this weekend. right now on the traffic side, things are beautiful. 66, we want to start there. there's a long-term project westbound after glebe road. we are watching light volume. headlights in this camera are eastbound out of falls church to get to the roosevelt bridge. this is rockville's mixing bowl. looks like a starfish. looks good on 355. 270 is off to a quiet start. mass-transit is running on time systemwide. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning a driver
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under arrest after a crash near a construction zone. this happened at 1:30 this morning at central avenue and and gaylord drive. authorities have not announced if anyone was injured or whether the driver faces any charges. the fbi is joining the investigation surrounding a maryland woman missing in aruba more than a week now. the new development comes as we learn more about the suspect at the center of the mystery. jummy olabanji has the latest on the investigation. >> the investigation continues in aruba to find out what happened to a 35-year-old robyn gardner. the woman was last seen august 2. police believe the last person to see her was gary giordano. >> it is adisconcerting. gretzky is no longer cooperating because he does not want to incriminate himself -- gary giordano ais no longer
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cooperating. he said that she was swept away while they were snorkeling. at least to the bill women have filed for protection orders against him in the past, claiming violence. prexy preyed upon young women and probably vulnerable women. >> aruban prosecutors want the fbi to look for telephone records, computer records, since the suspect's home in maryland, and other evidence and interviews needed in the investigation. >> that was jummy olabanji reporting > reaction to yesterday's wild ride on wall street was muted in asia. the nikkei in japan fell 0.2%. the hang seng in hong kong gained 0.4%. the shanghai composite rose 0.5%. the ups and downs on wall street or enough to give you would last this week. the dow jones jumped 423 yesterday.
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the nasdaq and the s&p both rose more than 4.5%. those gains were prompted by encouraging reports on the job market. first-time unemployment claims dropped below 400,000 for the first time since april. we want to return to the 2012 vote. republican presidential hopefuls scared off in iowa last night. they took shots at each other as well as president obama. they tried to position themselves for this weekend's crucial iowa straw poll. >> it is and are indisputable fact that in congress her record of accomplishments and results is nonexistent. >> she has a record of misstating and making false statements. >> said the era of small government is over. that sounds more like barack obama. >> the kevin ricks sparred over the economy job creation health care, other issues. let's get more from karen travers lives in northwest.
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why did this boil down to a slugfest between michelle bachmann and tim pawlenty? >> they were going at it last night, fighting to be in the top alternative to front runner nicole rommitt romney. many see saturday as a key early test for candidates, the straw poll. it's a make or break moment for tim pawlenty and a chance for michelle bachmann to keeper momentum going. >> 0 came out on top? -- who came out on top? mitt romney is said to be the front-runner. >> he still is because nobody got any good shots at him. tim pawlenty and michelle bachmann were focusing on each other and mitt romney escaped relatively unscathed. that's the best he can hope for. the race will shape up this weekend. rick perry is announcing that he's getting into the race. he is two points behind mitt
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romney in a poll that came out. the media scrutiny on rick perry is going to begin immediately. reporting live from northwest karen travers, abc 7 news. back to you. >> thank you. while republicans are going after iowa, president obama was in new york city attending the a new democratic national committee fund-raisers. he flew to new york after speaking at a battery plant in michigan. >> police are trying to find out more about wednesday's deadly crash in springfield. three people were killed in that accident. investigators say for unknown reasons a 39-year-old from dale city went across the median on backlick road and into oncoming traffic. his passenger it was killed. 52-year-old catherine miller a springfield also died in the crash. d.c. police in the day ahead will go away with their all
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hands on deck crime-fighting program this weekend. that is despite a second ruling that says the program violates union rules. on friday the public employee relations board ruled that police chief cathy lanier did not have the authority to change officers schedules for that program and that he must pay them overtime. 66 degrees outside. >> still ahead the redskins go back to the gridiron to take on steel city. tim brant has a preview. >> big cuts at the post office. 10,000 jobs could soon be on the chopping block. >> first local weather last through the weekend?
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happy friday morning. adam caskey the belfort furniture weather center with your forecast. this morning is more profitable than yesterday morning. a little better. 71 in the district, 55 in frederick, 58 in martinsburg. 54 in cumberland, 71 in the district. 63 in gaithersburg and chantilly and culpeper. 68 in quantico. there's a cloud deck over
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southern -- a very sunny day expected overall. low pressure off to our west to the midsection of the country. that will be whether maker for us on sunday. mostly sunny today, comfortable. highs in the upper 80's with low humidity. we will talk about the weekend when i come back. green light on the greenway, the toll road, 66 270 between father hurley boulevard and the beltway. quiet on seven between sterling and tysons. the beltway is great across the wilson bridge. mass-transit on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 66 degrees outside, 5:11. >> social networking security under fire. two popular sides have users up in arms. >> just like the song, "its in his kiss," the art of the kiss
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welcome back. checking our top stories on this friday morning the fbi is getting involved in the search for robyn gardner. the maryland woman has been missing in aruba. gary giordano told police she disappeared while snorkeling, but he has stopped cooperating. aruban police expect his gaithersburg home to be searched soon. 8 republican hopefuls met in iowa for their final debate before the straw poll this weekend. two rivals from minnesota, tim pawlenty and michelle bachmann, garnered most of the attention. british police have arrested 1500 people in connection with the deadly riots. four people died during the unrest in which hundreds of stores were looted and dozens of
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buildings and cars set on fire. the u.s. postal service may be gearing up for major cuts. published reports say the agency wants to cut up to 120,000 jobs. the postal service wants to pull employees out of health and retirement plans covering federal workers and set up their own benefit system instead. they face a shortfall next year of $8 billion. the congressional support committee that will look for ways to reduce the debt is all set. house minority leader nancy pelosi and announced her choices yesterday. maryland congressman chris van hollen, south carolina congressman jim cliburn, and california congressman xavier basara. there will look for trillion dollars in savings over the next 10 years. the man charged with firing shots at the pentagon and other military targets intends to plead guilty next month to unrelated state charges.
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yonathan melaku will plead guilty in loudoun county to two counts of grand larceny for stealing cars. he was arrested last month after police saw him at an arlington cemetery acting suspiciously. leave florida siblings arrested after a nationwide manhunt are cooperating with authorities -- three florida siblings. recentlylee dougherty and her brother is said there were not trying to arrest anyone when they fired at colorado police cars during the chase that led to their arrest. she said she was not shooting and ryan was driving a car. the dougherty siblings are wanted for attempted murder. they robbed a bank in georgia and fired at a police officer's car in another state> there's news about kissing. nearly one in five married couples goes without kissing for
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up to a week at a time. when they do, if it's no more than five seconds. but married couples ages 18 through 24 kissed for an average of 11 times per week. there's a new garbage all on the market. modeled after the late farrah fawcett. it recreated the actress' iconic 1970's poster in which. she wears a which. it has her smile and fedor parra and is bearing a tiny gold necklace and is made by mattel and cost about $35. looking at life through the eyes of a newborn. . there's an application for security changes at the "the social network have users up in arms. tanya rivero as those stories and more. >> new changes have facebook and linkedin users were about privacy. facebook is adding contact lists from member smartphones to their personal accounts.
5:18 am
facebook insists that the lists are not publicly visible. linkedin is reserving the right to use members' names and photographs in ads last the member talked out of it. intel is developing a series of ultrabook that compete with the mac book and ipods 2. they will have a longer battery life and will cost under $1,000. google is adding games from zynga. -- google plus. a new application can help new parents relate to their newborn. one comes from a swedish companies and shows what babies conceived before their eyesight develops. i am tanya rivero. >> that is adorable. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. just enjoying the nice weather. >> we are. >> it's beautiful. >> this morning is a little nicer than yesterday monica. people like to go running in the
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morning early. this is the best day all wheee k, if you can call in sick today. >> thank you. >> just saying. it's going to be better than what we will get over the weekend. saturday is not going to be a bad day. sunday will turn active. 60 degrees in huntingtown, 63 in ashburn, 66 in gaithersburg, 65 in triangle right now. calm wind mosley. 71 in the district. the last time in d.c. that the mercury plunged below 70 was july 16, 26 days ago. we could do atit. 63 right now in gaithersburg. 65 in frederick. -- 55. 54 degrees in cumberland. showers in southern virginia. we are on the cloud deck associated with that range.
5:20 am
that is scattered across the metro area. we are on the northern periphery of that active weather. a little cloud cover for the morning. otherwise, sunshine today. high-pressure overhead. an area of low pressure is developing in the midsection of the country around the rockies and that will continue to push our way and affect our weather for the weekend. a lot of sunshine for us today . partly cloudy skies tomorrow with isolated late-day storm. a storm moves into town on sunday. that's when the weather turns active with widespread showers and downpours and a few severe and thunderstorms. mid 80's, low humidity today sunshine. mid 80's through the weekend with humidity. saturday will be the nicer day. a few late-day storms possible highly isolated. remaining in the 80's going into next week. prince george's county, the signal along st. barnabas road
5:21 am
between the beltway and wheeler road is out. no troubles on route four and threw a southeast washington pretty good run. 95 in and out of baltimore and b-w parkway off to a good start. 270 is decent between 8109. 66 and 95, a little volume growing. we will show you plenty of headlights spotted, but the pace is still steady. metro will, marc rail, virginia railway express on normal service. back to you. >> thank you. 68 degrees. >> football is back. how did philadelphia's dream team fare against the ravens? we have the highlights coming up next. >> today on "oprah," incredible where are they now follow-ups, 4:00 on abc 7.
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brian walters brings it out. >> the nfl preseason trip off last night. brian walters is trying to make the san diego chargers as a return man and made a big impression. he ran that one back 103 yards for the score. the season has officially begun after that one. >> it sure has. in order to cut down on big returns, they moved the kickoff
5:25 am
line. so this was impressive. >> tim brant has more. >> the redskins watched the ravens and got into their routine. it was a light day apart. tonight they go against the steelers. the steelers came to terms with their wide receiver. cows and a man has been excited about the redskins' offense. his second year with a younger team. he says they don't have donovan mcnabb, and his dad likes battle lot. the reagans' speech the eagles last night. it looked like a preseason game in some stretches. there were not many penalties. this was the only touchdown of the game in the first quarter. michael vick makes them pay. the demands so much attention and respect. the new dream team wins. the final was 13-6 over the ravens. have a great day, everybody.
5:26 am
>> the eagles are a tough team to beat. 67 degrees. the news continues at 5:30. >> still ahead a day care worker accused of losing two children. parents are still coming to her defense. last night republican proposal debate turned into a slugfest. who came out on top? that story coming up. correct another beautiful day like yesterday. but the weather turns
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> he prayed upon young women and probably vulnerable.
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>> straight ahead stunning information about the man at the center of the search for a maryland woman missing in aruba. good morning, washington. it's friday, august 12. i am cynne simpson. >> i am scott thuman. glad you are joining us. we begin with traffic and weather every ten minutes. adam caskey will kick it off with the first forecast. >> a beautiful day. this morning is a little nicer than yesterday morning. a better morning to open the windows and let air circulate inside your house. this afternoon will be seasonable, mid to upper 80's, low humidity. 71 in the district, 61 in manchester. cumberland and martinsburg and frederick in the 50's. 61 in gaithersburg. 75 in lexington park. 88 for the high temperature mostly sunny. we will have a few clouds this morning. the majority of the day will be sunny with low humidity.
5:30 am
saturday tomorrow, increasing humidity and added cloud cover by the afternoon. a few light taste thunderstorms. nothing widespread. -- a few late-day and thunderstorms possible. hsunday there will be showers and thunderstorms off and on throughout the day, some of which could be strong to severe. embedded downpours and gusty wind. lisa baden. got off to a good run the trains. no surprises on 95 in and out of baltimore. overnight construction is complete. lanes are open as far as interstate travel. this is the george washington parkway north of reagan national airport. a good ride between the beltway and old town. back to you. >> thank you. new this morning, three people hospitalized after a serious car crash in prince george's county. a car slammed into a tree at lake arbor way and kept away at
5:31 am
no. around 12:30 this morning. police pulled the victims from the cars. there's no word on what led to this particular crash. the fbi is getting involved in a serious -- in the mysterious disappearance of a maryland woman. robyn gardner vanished more than a week ago on a trip to aruba. we are learning more about the prime suspect in the case, her traveling companion. jummy olabanji is filing this report from gaithersburg. she has the latest. >> good morning. we have been here a short time, a quiet neighborhood in gaithersburg already some neighbors out jogging. everyone stops at this home and looks at knowing that the fbi could soon be here to investigate to help aruban authorities. this is what the house looks like, a house belonging to gary giordano, the man at the center of the disappearance case. the fbi is helping aruban
5:32 am
authorities, assisting them in the investigation. authorities in aruba say that gary giordano has stopped cooperating with them, saying that he's exercising its right to remain silent. the 50-year-old is still behind bars in aruba. 35-year-old robyn gardner has been missing since august 2. that is when gary giordano told aruban authorities that the two were snorkeling when she was swept away by a current. they're not believing that story. that is why he is behind bars. we know that the fbi has been asked to go into his home and look for computer and phone evidence that may be will to assist aruban authorities with their case. we have not seen them so far. gary giordano will be in court on monday for a hearing to find out whether or not he will be able to be freed from jail in aruba. we will stay on top of the story and keep a close eye on it. reporting from gaithersburg, jummy olabanji, abc 7. we are following the balance
5:33 am
from asia. that's where there was a muted reaction to yesterday's wild ride on wall street. the japanese nikkei index fell 0.2%. the hang seng in hong kong gained 0.1%. the shanghai composite rose about 0.5%. no signs of letting up on wall street. the dow jones gained 423 points intraday. the nasdaq and the s&p 500 boats and jumped more than 4.5%, fueled by encouraging report on unemployment. first-time jobless claims dropped below 400,000 for the first time since april. there's an upside to this topsy-turvy economy. gold is selling for nearly $1,800 per ounce. that is nearly twice as much as it sold for in 2009 and three times as much as it crossed in 2005. the spike in gold as americans rummaging through their doors to
5:34 am
see if they have anything worth selling -- drawers. republican white house hopefuls faced off last night. they share the stage for debate in iowa. much of the attention centered on representative michelle bachmann and former governor tim pawlenty. they exchanged barbs from the beginning. karen travers takes a look at who score points with voters. >> last night's republican presidential debate on fox news turned into play bitter slugfest between in-state rivals. congresswoman michelle bachmann and former governor tim pawlenty. >> it is an indisputable fact that in congress the record of accomplishments and results for her is nonexistent. she has a record of misstating and making false statements. >> you said the era of small government was over. that sounds a lot more like barack obama. >> the two are fighting to be the top alternative to a front- runner mitt romney, who is not officially if participating in
5:35 am
saturday's straw poll. for the second straight debate, at mitt romney emerged as the big winner, by escaping without any big bruises. hetwo absences. texas governor rick perry who announced just hours before the debate that is launching a presidential bid. and sarah palin. she's making a stop today at the iowa state fair, with still is not a candidate. karen travers abc news, washington. we are learning more about a prince william county woman who is accused of leaving the dubbed the small children unattended. she was arrested on tuesday and is free on bond awaiting arraignment. maleighia shockey. two girls aged 1 and 3 wandered away from the date your facility and were found walking near a busy street by a passerby. police believe they had been wondering for about an hour. there were not injured, luckily. d.c. police will go ahead
5:36 am
with their all hands on deck crime-fighting program this weekend. that is despite a second ruling that says the program violates union rolls. on friday the public employee relations board ruled that chief cathy lanier did not have the authority to change officers schedules for the program and that she must pay them overtime. 8 traffic alert 4 drivers in northern virginia. all lanes of the beltway's outer loop at the dulles toll road will be closed tonight and tomorrow night for. steel for. each night starting at 9:30, one lane will close. that will progress to a full roadway closure after 11:00 tonight. all lanes will reopen by 8:00 a.m. and drivers will be detour during the closure. 67 degrees, 5:36. the redskins are getting into a game mode. mike shanahan will talk about the quarterback. >> first, another check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will be right back.
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the montgomery county fair starts this friday at the, the 12th. we have monster trucks, a huge parade, and carnival rides. don't miss out on this spectacular event. good morning, washington.
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good friday morning. nine seconds from being 5:40 on this friday. comfortable outside. look at the temperatures. mainly in the 60's. a few readings in the upper 50's including martinsburg at 58 and frederick at 55. 60 in huntingtown. 62 in ashburn. 65 in gaithersburg and triangle. cloudy to the south. a few scattered clouds x confined to the morning hours. otherwise, a sunny day. rain associated with the clouds over extreme southern virginia. in an area of low pressure off to the west will give us some rain by sunday. sunny and 88 today, low humidity. we will talk about the weekend coming up. 66 has heavier volume does spotted eastbound getting into centreville. again at 50 fair oaks. that's with emerging stuff.
5:41 am
beautiful in falls church. not bad in rosslyn. looks good across the roosevelt bridge, memorial bridge, and the keyboard. more your neighbors hitting the road between fredericksburg and springfield on 95. headlights are northbound. no worries to report in maryland along the beltway. looks good on 95 in and out of baltimore. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. -- looks good across the key bridge. back to you. >> thank you. 5:41, 68 degrees. >> coming up, a blockbuster tribute to the king of pop. we will tell you which performers will what makes the sleep
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following breaking news right now out of southeast washington. two people are dead after a single car crash in southeast. it happened around 4:45 this morning along the 1200 block of southern ave.
5:45 am
d.c. police say the car hit a telephone pole at a high rate of speed and split in half and then burst into flames. southern avenue is currently closed. we have a crew on the scene and will bring more details as we get them. checking our top stories the fbi is now involved in the search for robyn gardner. she's a maryland woman missing in aruba. the bureau is conducting interviews and providing other assistance. aruban police say they expect the fbi to search the gaithersburg home of gary giordano the last man she was seen with. republican presidential candidate michelle bachmann and candidate tim pawlenty stole the show last night in iowa at the gop debate. they and six others took part in the final debates before the iowa straw poll this weekend. florida child where we detailed welfare agency said casey anthony failed to protect her daughter caylee. the report does not accuse her of killing her daughter. last month a jury found anthony not guilty of charges that he
5:46 am
killed caylee. are you ready for some football? >> yes. >> a resounding yes. the redskins are going to hit the field tonight for the first preseason game and will take on the pittsburgh steelers at fedex field, a moment a lot of football fans have been waiting for. mike conneen has a look ahead. >> the game is about the fans anyway a so it's just a matter of time. >> is only the preseason but fans say they are elated that football has returned. >> i cannot imagine a world without football. >> many businesses are breathing a sigh of relief. no football what it meant a loss of thousands of dollars. >> but waited as long as they could to tell us they were going to have football. people are ready. >> there is growing excitement about this season's redskins offense with competition between rex grossman and john beck for quarterback.
5:47 am
rex grossman will start tonight when the redskins take on the steelers. france cannot wait to watch. they had been concerned over the walkout. >> i did not know what i was going to do with the winter. >> i was really concerned. i would have had to spend a lot more time with my wife. >> that was mike conneen reporting. steven strasburg of the nationals will make his second rehab start tonight. the golden arm will play against the atomic nationals and will be limited to about 50 pitches. he's looking at a september returned to the major-league. news of a possible connection between debt and obesity. people deep in debt are more likely to be obese according to german res researchers. americans have 2.5 times more debt than they did 30 years ago. we're getting a first look at the transformation of a
5:48 am
connecticut woman who received a face transplant. charla nash was attacked by a chimpanzee in 2009. the chimpanzee representative off her nose, her lips, eyelids her hands, left her completely blind. she underwent a face transplant in may. it was the third such surgery performed ever in the u.s. turning to the tragedy in afghanistan. the pentagon has officially released the names of 30 airmen sailors, and soldiers who died last weekend. the service members were killed when a taliban militants shot down their helicopter. those militants were killed in the nato-led air strikes earlier this week. performers for blockbuster michael jackson tribute concert have been revealed. christina aguilera, cee lo green, and others will perform. other artists have committed but have not been revealed. we will hear from them in the coming days. smokey robinson will also perform. members of the jackson family
5:49 am
will take the stage. there's going to be an on-line lottery for which fans can pay for tickets. the concert will be this october in wales. assigned to a check on traffic and weather. >> the weather gives us something to sing about. it's lovely. >> you don't want to hear us sing about it. >> we will leave it there. [laughter] >> it's got to be another great day, but changes on a weekend. the timing of the rain may not be perfect. >> we could use some. >> could be a heavy smoker -- soaker on sunday. looking at damascus before the sunrise. a few scattered clouds across the area. we are on the northern periphery of a big area of cloud cover that mainly in virginia, virginia. look at the temperatures, 47 in garrett county in mchenry. 51 in frostburg, 52 in bangkok
5:50 am
the epitome in middletown -- 53 in middletown. 55 in frederick, 63 in gaithersburg 59 in modesto. even more profitable than yesterday at this time. there's a cloud cover difficult to see. notice we have the gray color south of the metro area on the satellite. that is the main area of clouds. a few showers imbedded within, in southern virginia. the morning clouds will move out and we will have a lot of sunshine throughout the day much like yesterday. an area of low pressure developing in the rockies as it typically does. that will be the rainmaker for sunday as we move to the second half of the weekend. sunshine today, low humidity. variable wind, mainly out of the north, very gentle. high temperature of 88, average for this time of year.
5:51 am
tomorrow, partly cloudy, a few late-day afternoon and evening storms -- highly isolated storms. on sunday, lingering showers and storms throughout the entire day. showers and storms off and on with embedded downpours and possibly strong storms. the six wind shear in atmosphere on sunday. that is the twist in the atmosphere that adds to send a strong potential. that's possible on sunday. showers and storms on sunday. temperatures in the 80's for the foreseeable future. breaking traffic news now. a fatal crash in southeast washington is the focus right now. southern avenue at the wheeler road everything remains closed. they have to document the crash firsthand take thereof stringing some wires and utility issues. you see the utility crews. at the district line, 7 avenue at wheeler road is not going to be an option.
5:52 am
that's a very popular commuter area. be careful going through that area. you will find the accident investigation there until further notice. we will take you over to silver spring maryland, next. this is a vehicle that rolled over on 29, colesville road northbound at university boulevard. northbound 29 traffic is forced to stay to the right. southbound traffic will be affected because there's plenty to watch going through. we will keep an eye on this and come back in a few moments. back to you. >> thank you. 5:52. time to check on business headlines. >> linda bell joins us from new york. a look at the day ahead. good morning. >> good morning. the markets have been on shaky ground all week. one day we have gains and another day things plunged. stock-index futures indicate gains this morning. they have been lower. so it's been very volatile lately.
5:53 am
we're looking at europe closely as well as economic reports in the u.s. later this morning. an hour before the opening bell, the commerce department will release a report on july retail sales. economists expect sales to climb as more americans buy new cars. consumer confidence may not be so great. it may have fallen to the lowest level since march of 2009. that number is key because that's when the economy was last in a recession. maybe once a comfort food. the d.c. area-based burger chain five guys expects to have nearly 1000 stores open nationwide by the end of the year and more than $1 billion in sales. it's not your typical burger joint. when president obama stopped by one of its restaurants they did not give him a t-shirt to help promote the chain.
5:54 am
they don't do that kind of advertising. back to you. >> thank you. linda bell reporting. >> good food there. 5:54. 66 degrees. >> stay with us. you
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5:56 am
welcome back. metro is taking action after an
5:57 am
abc 7 news your took a picture of metro workers apparently parking for free. >> mike snapped some of photographs of the huntington metro station parking lot and it looks like metro workers put their uniforms on-board, hoping to avoid parking fees. the pictures or posted online. >> i thought maybe they would respond over twitter and they have not. >> hours later, a transit police began handing out tickets. metro spokesperson says this behavior is unacceptable and added that the transit agency will continue to crackdown. lots more still to come in the next hour of good morning washington." >> does "that help" live up to the hype? a best-selling book now on the big screen. >> police in aruba have asked the fbi to search the home obligated birdman they believe
5:58 am
was the last one to c robyn gardner. afte
5:59 am
straight ahead at 6:00 the fbi joined the search for a maryland woman missing in aruba. >> plus, republican presidential hopefuls debate one last time before crucial. crucial. >> and football is back. fans are gearing
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